“Experts practice differently and far more strategically.  When they fail, they don’t blame it on luck or themselves.  They have a strategy they can fix.”                                                            

Barry Zimmerman, Professor of Psychology, City University of NY

"The inability to tough it out during competition often springs from a history of either too much or not enough emotional stress."

page 56, Toughness Training, Dr. James Loehr

This product includes Coach Renner’s complete 200 page playbook, a 10 DVD set that includes pass play cutups, run game cutups, a route teaching cutup and full game videos.  A quarterback and wide receiver drill training routine is included in the offense playbook as well as complete practice plans for running the offense.

Even if you are not considering using this type of no-huddle, fast paced attack for your primary offense, you should consider it for your 2 minute offense.  The route combinations are proven to be successful and the QB reads are easy to teach.

Coach Bill Renner has run his 5 Wide Attack Offense for the past 5 years at two different high schools in Virginia for whom he has coached, West Springfield HS, 4 years, as head coach and Lake Braddock HS, 1 year, as Assistant Head Coach.

During the last 5 years, 2005-2009, the offense has produced:

Passing Completions:           1,053
Passing Attempts:                1,766
Passing Completion %:        60%
Total Passing yards:            15,013
Passing Touchdowns:          144  -   1 in every 12 passes
Pass Interceptions:               50    -   1 in every 35 passes
Average Yard Per Catch:   14.26

Rushing Attempts:              1,557
Total Rushing Yards:          9,127
Rushing Touchdowns:        111     1 in every 14 rushes
Average Yards per Rush:   5.98

Total Points Scored:            2,178  -   38 points per game for 5 years or 60 games!

Total Offense Yards Pass/Rush Combined:   24,140*
*almost 5,000 yards of offense per year

Team Success in this 5-Year Old Offense:

3 District Championships in 5 years
3 Regional Playoffs in 5 years

  1. 1 Regional Championship
  2. 1 State Final 16 Appearance
  3. 1 State Final 8 Appearance
  4. 1 State Final Appearance

4th ranked offense out of 304 teams for state of Virginia in 2009
4 of the top 100 ranked offenses of the decade in the state of Virginia; #5, #15, #23, #58


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